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Bike Fit and Sizing at our Shepton Mallet Bike Fit Studio

From our Somerset Bike Fit Studio in Shepton Mallet, we follow a methodical and thorough process applying our knowledge, skills, training and experience to enable you to have an optimal set up on your bike.

Having been tutored and trained by one of the worlds premier bike fitters and world renowned bike fit educator Tony Corke of Torke Cycling, I am pleased to be able to offer a high standard of service and attention to detail.

Unlike many other bike fitters, we do not set a timescale in which to complete your bike fitting, this means that we do not rush to get the fit completed in an allotted timescale (many fitters quote 3 hours to complete a bike fit), this means that you can be certain that we will take the time required to get you properly set up. This does mean however that you may need to ensure that you have sufficient time on the day of your appointment for your fit too!

We will guide you through each step, and explain to you the remedies, corrections and adjustments we make and how they will benefit you. Our focus is purely on the fit and this alone, so you can be assured that you will get the best possible outcome when you visit us.

Whilst there are computer driven software programs and electronic gizmos, lasers and other gadgets available, it is often not a substitute for the skilled and methodical process a trained and experienced bike fitter can offer you.

Our sole focus and goal is to enable you to have the most optimal fit specific to your needs and requirements.

We provide you with the guidance to ensure that you are fully engaged with the fit,  and understand the benefits that any adjustments will give you on your bike.

Bike Fitting Premier

This is a comprehensive fit and will ensure that we arrive at your optimum setup and position for you on your bike.

Regardless of the type of bicycle you own we can ensure that you and your bike are setup correctly for the type of cycling you do.

Your position on the bike is the key thing that matters when it comes to you being comfortable, riding further or going faster. Why would you overlook a bike fitting when it is perhaps the most important part of your cycling enjoyment, riding comfort as well as helping you to achieve your performance goals?

  • Rider Pre-fit Interview (including our pre-fit questionnaire) covering goals, cycling history and any relevant medical issues
  • Pre-fit bike measurement and assessment on and off the bike
  • Comprehensive high frame rate video analysis our software captures 90 frames per minute at a high definition so that we can accurately capture your position and analyse the data
  • Seat height and Saddle position
  • Cleat and shoe setup
  • Handlebar width and stem length
  • Stack height/overall reach
  • Adjustments and advice (this often includes recommend exercises to help improve flexibility or to reduce any weakness or postural imbalances)
  • Post-fit report and measurements 


Basic Bike Sizing & Assessment

Ideal if you are looking to purchase or have purchased a bike and want to make some positional adjustments. We will take some data from you to arrive at your bike sizing for your chosen style of riding.



Cleat and Shoe Fit and Setup

Eliminate foot, knee, ankle pain and discomfort that you might experience.

Cleats are the only fixed interface between bicycle and rider, so getting them into the right position won’t just keep you comfortable and ensure you’re efficient as possible, but will also address foot, ankle and knee pain, foot numbness and pedalling discomfort.

  • Rider Interview
  • Gait and foot form analysis
  • Shoe fit appraisal
  • Cleat alignment
  • Cleat fitting (if new pair being fitted)

FROM £65**

Saddle Fitting

Get the right width, length and shape to suit your riding style.

How you sit on the bike and finding that perfect saddle will vary for everyone, the main reason is that no two people are the same, genetics has already played their part in determining that, along with any injuries we may have picked up along the way! Not only do our anatomical differences, the type of riding we do affect this, and everything in between, but the your sit bones body designed to bear your weight in the saddle, vary from person to person.  There is a minefield of choice of saddle  available on the market, so how can you be sure which saddle is right for you?

This session is designed to assess the shape and position of your saddle, then adjust accordingly to the correct position. If the saddle is not suitable, we will look at some alternative shapes and styles that may be more suited to you and your needs.

If you are comfortable in your bicycle position and have saddle discomfort or would like to change saddles, this service is for you. If you have general bike fit discomfort in your back, arms or neck as well as soreness from a saddle, please book a full bike fitting.

FROM £55**

Aero Time Trial and Triathlon Bike Fit

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Optimise your position to shave time off your race!

As most triathletes know, improving aerodynamics is a great way to race faster and get more out of training. Anything you can do to minimize your exposed areas and reduce drag will reduce the calories needed at a given power to overcome air resistance—which is crucial for anyone who wants to beat previous times or the competition.

Just how important is aerodynamics? Well, if you take two riders pedalling at the same watts, the rider with good positioning can save 2-8 min over an 18-mile ride, and up to an hour in an Ironman compared to a rider with bad bike fit. Some experts say aerodynamics can matter even if you’re moving as easy as 12-14 mph and, of course, the faster you are the more aerodynamics factor into the equation.

Approximately 85% of your power when riding is used to overcome air resistance, 10% is used to overcome rolling resistance, and the remaining 5% is used to overcome the friction of the drivetrain. Fortunately, we can find “free” speed when it comes to aerodynamics and optimization of your position on the bike. 

Aero Fit Service includes all of the features of the Bike Fit Service, plus:

  • Frontal area assessment and adjustment
  • Tri Bar adjustment and tilt
  • Positional assessment adjustment and recommendations to further optimise and improve should there be any muscular imbalance that is holding you back
  • Portfolio and report on areas addressed
  • Optional use of Aeropod* cda measurement device so you can test and see how the changes have made a difference in the real world (please note that this carries an additional cost for the use of the device and setting up).


Reviews and Testimonials

“Having had a bike fit with Ed at GTC I really can’t emphasise enough his professionalism and clear desire to put the customer first. I felt listened to throughout the whole process and never felt rushed or pressured to ‘accept’ a certain fit. Its quite surprising how a few mm in the right place really can make a world of difference. Chapeau!” D O

“By complete fluke I found a fantastic bike via the Mendip Cycling Club page! It turns out Ed who is a member and owns Grand Tor cycling had a bike for sale.
Honestly it’s an amazing bike, pretty much like new ! Fully serviced and ready to go.
I’d never ridden a bike with proper bicycle pedals and shoes but went for it!
Ed did an amazing job measuring up and fitting my shoes/cleats etc..
I’m fairly new to cycling and loving it. I would highly recommend Ed! His service is really brilliant!
Thanks so much 🚴‍♂️ 😍Y C

“Hi Ed,
Really enjoyed my little ride this afternoon…. Only did approx. 6 miles – nice and easy.
The bike was amazing… I can’t believe how different it is to ride….
It is so smooth and the speed of the bike in relation to the power through the pedal was just awesome and it was just perfect pedal strokes.
With the bars and stem adjustments the bike was no longer twitchy, I had perfect control in all hand positions and it gave me so much more confidence on the bike knowing that the bike was one with me.
I even did a short burst out of the saddle in a slightly harder gear and the bike responded perfectly and just stayed glued to the road with my pedal stroke again fully engaged and the acceleration was just wow!
I have never been able to ride out of the saddle ever before the bike fit, as the bike was so front forks twitchy and it was quite scary.  I also couldn’t maintain constant power then, because ( as I know now), the pedal stroke was just not fully engaged as the saddle height was all wrong.
That last little bit of the ride was up the little hill from the levels up to the main road (opposite our lane)…. this was the pinnacle of my ride that put the biggest smile on my face…. This is the first time ever that on the small front crank and the 4th from top cog on the rear cassette, I came up that little short steep bit fully in control and I deliberately came out of the the saddle to see what the bike would do. I had so much more power through the pedals that the bike stayed glued to the road… and it was a breeze!  Before the fit I just couldn’t do that and had to use granny gears by staying in the saddle which was also difficult to keep the bike steady.
I’m well impressed Ed,,, ‘thank you so much for all you help and expertise’.” F W

Can’t find the bike fit service you are looking for?

I am happy to offer a bespoke service if you have a specific need that you would like me to look at or address for you. Please get in touch via the Contact page and we can chat about how I can help you in more detail.

*These services are subject to Covid restrictions in force at the time of fitting and subject to change, our fitting service is Covid safe, a health questionnaire must be completed beforehand, and we ask that you comply with any request to ensure that both the fitter and you are safe. Please contact us to book, or discuss in more detail.

**Service prices vary if there is anything specific that you would like us to address outside of the fitting criteria shown, as well as any changes to tax (if applicable).

Something wrong with this page? If a link is broken or something is not working on this page or site please let us know via Contact. Many thanks.

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