Bike Servicing and Repairs

I have included my most frequently used services and repairs, if you do not see the service or repair you are looking for please contact me, I am sure that I will be able to accommodate your specific requirements.

If your bike has not been used or serviced for sometime, or it needs cleaning, or is in poor condition, we would recommend the Silver service as a minimum.

Please view my other pages for E-Bike Servicing and Repairs Other Services for information about bike building, restoration, bike box hire and a range of other bike related services.

The ‘Stelvio’ Gold Service

This is our premier service,  we recommend this every 12 Months

  • All elements of our Bronze and Silver Service.
  • Bicycle stripped if required, cleaned, inspected throughout, checked for damage.
  • Drivetrain, cleaned, disassembled where necessary, checked serviced and refitted including chain set, bottom bracket, chain, cassette, derailleurs and pedals.
  • components, such as chain & cassette ultrasonically cleaned.
  • Bar tape or grips removed and new tape or grips fitted* (customer chooses tape).
  • All inner & outer cables replaced as required.
  • Hydraulic brakes drained, pads checked and replaced* fresh oil added to manufacturers specification and recommendation.
  • Any worn or damaged threads re-tapped, refacing completed if required to headset, bottom bracket.
  • Bike reassembled, all bolts set to correct torque, all parts lubricated, greased, fibre gripped, anti-seized using quality bike specific products.
  • Bike cleaned and polished to the highest detail (as per our ‘Premier Valet’).

From £158.40* (please note that prices can vary if extensive work is required, or there are any underlying issues or repairs required, *all parts are chargeable at extra cost).

For our bike build service, please view this page

The ‘Grand Colline’ Silver Service

This is a more detailed service,  we recommend this every 6-9 months depending on how many hours use your bike has had and the conditions. We also recommend this service if the bike has not been used for an extended period, is in need of recommissioning or is in poor condition.

  • all elements of The Bronze Service plus
  • Bike washed down
  • Wheels trued
  • Cassette, chain and chain rings, cleaned
  • High Quality Bike specific grease, Lubricants, Oils and cleaning products used during this service
  • Headset, bottom bracket, hubs, inspected & adjusted
  • Remove seat post and treat with anti-seize grease and reposition and secure bolts to correct torque
  • Check suspension (if applicable)
  • Check and lubricate cables, pivot points and moving parts

From £104.20* (additional parts or labour at extra cost)

The ‘Koppenberg’ Bronze Service

This service is a general tune up, which we recommend every 3-6 months depending on how many hours use your bike has had and the conditions.

Suitable for any bike which is clean and has been very well maintained. If your bike needs cleaning or has not been regularly serviced or maintained we recommend the Silver Service for you instead.

This is a 28 point check following the industry standard

From £49.20* (additional parts or labour at extra cost)

Premier Valet Service and Drive Train Tune Up

A very thorough degrease of the drivetrain, full wash and wax using quality bike specific cleaning, wash and wax products, gear shifters and derailleurs tuned and lubricated using quality lubricants.


PDI Bike Assembly Service

We complete a complete top to bottom check and build of any bike you have purchased online, a complete safety check is made following our bronze service, all set up to manufacturers & Industry standard certification.

From £49.40*

Brake servicing and repairs

We can complete a range of services; everything from brake cable replacement to hydraulic brake rebuilds, brake pad or disc replacement, rotor truing and a whole host of other types of servicing and repair to braking systems. Contact us for more information

Prices start from £19.80~

Gear servicing and repairs

From a simple gear cable change to a complete drive train over haul, we are trained to work with all products from manufacturers such as Campagnolo, SRAM, Shimano FSA, and Microshift. We fit, service and maintain electronic systems such as SRAM ETap, Shimano Di2 and FSA K-Force WE.

Prices from £19.80~

Wheel, Tyre, and Tube servicing and repairs

Tubular Tyre Fitting and set-up

I can fit tubular tyres, traditionally I use the glue method, rather than tape, I can fit tubs using tape if that is your preference. There’s a range of different tapes available, however the tape from Effetto Mariposa is highly regarded as one of the best tape products.

Prices start from £19.80**

Tyre or tube replacement

We can replace your worn out tyres or punctured inner tubes, we will check for damage to the wheel at the same time, and check inside the wheel to ensure that there isn’t anything inside which could cause further damage, we can even install puncture repair strips, and rim tape

Prices from £9.80~

Tubeless Tyre Conversion

We can convert your wheels to a tubeless set-up, we use the Muc-Off Tubeless system for our conversions, we complete this for just £58.79 per pair of wheels including the kit (which consists of tape, valves and sealant). Got your own tubeless kit? or want to fit a different brand? That’s not a problem, we are happy to fit any kit for you.

Install only from £19.80 per wheel

Wheel Building and Truing

I am able to build and true almost any wheel, just specify what you would like and I can build it, I am also able to repair wheels, such as spoke replacement or any other component.

Standard wheel truing starts from £22.60

Wheel building from £46.30

Spoke replacement from £19.80~

Book an appointment

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*Please note that all prices shown are subject to change; for our mobile service we have a minimum call out/service charge. Parts are not included unless specified, if you are unsure whether an item or part is included please speak to us. Prices vary depending on the bike equipment and complexity of work required, such as; hydraulic brakes, Aero concealed brake systems, electronic gears, Time Triathlon/Triathlon bikes and E-Bikes. We will provide you with the cost of any additional work or parts before any service commences. If there are specific parts or products you would like fitting in replacement of the ones we use, please let us know before we commence work and we will be happy to meet your requirements.

**the price for fitting tubular tyres varies depending on work required, tape and glue are extra, please contact me for a quotation for your specific needs.

~I have a minimum callout/service charge of £19.80, if the cost of the repair is below this you would pay the service charge, however if other services are combined which are higher than this charge, then it is not applicable.

In addition to the mobile service, I am happy to offer a collection and delivery option if you prefer, please Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Something wrong with this page? If a link is broken or something is not working on this page or site please let us know via Contact. Many thanks.

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