E-Bike Servicing

We service all brands of Electric bike and E-Bike assist motors from Bosch, Bafang, Fazua, Yamaha and Shimano, our range of solutions and repairs for your E-Bike are wide and varied. If you cannot see the specific service that you are looking for, please contact me as I am sure that I will be able to tailor a service to your exact requirements.

E-Bike Bronze Service

This service is a general tune up, which we recommend every 3-6 months depending on how many hours use your bike has had and the conditions.

Suitable for any bike which is clean and has been well maintained. 

  • Bike Check is completed to BSI EN 15194 standard
  • Bike Inspection to make the bike roadworthy
  • Check all bolts, handlebar and stem assembly. Tighten all bolts to the recommended torque setting
  • Check frame and forks for damage and wear
  • Safety check (complying with industry guidelines)
  • Gears checked, tuned and re-aligned (front and rear)
  • Check condition of headset
  • Brake disc/calipers inspected and adjusted
  • Drivetrain checked for wear and condition clean and lubricate

From £69.20*

E-Bike Silver Service

This is a more detailed service,  we recommend this every 6-9 months depending on how many hours use your bike has had and the conditions

  • All elements of The Bronze Service plus
  • Gears checked, tuned and re-aligned (front and rear)
  • Brakes checked, tuned and re-aligned (front and rear)
  • Drivetrain inspected removed, de-greased, serviced and refitted including chainset, bottom bracket, chain, cassette, derailleurs and pedals (parts replaced if worn*)
  • Wheels trued and loose, missing or damaged spokes replaced
  • Headset inspected and re-greased
  • Wheel hubs inspected and re-greased

From £108.20*

E-Bike Gold Service

This is the complete works, full comprehensive service, we recommend this at least once every 12-18 months dependent on how many hours riding has been completed.

  • We complete all work in our Bronze and Silver Service
  • Strip the frame down and check for damage, fault or alignment issues
  • All threads cleaned and tapped if required
  • Bottom Bracket Re-faced if required
  • Headset Re-faced if required
  • All parts stripped down and inspected, degreased and cleaned
  • Reassembly of the E-Bike following manufacturers specification
  • Components lubricated and/or greased where specified/required
  • Cables replaced
  • Hydraulic fluid change
  • Software/Firmware Update and Battery Capacity Check
  • Bike wash & valet

From £169.80*

E-Bike Systems Diagnostics, Software and Battery Servicing

The Electronic system is the heart of an efficient and smooth running E-Bike, a regular check ensures your Electric Bike is in good condition and reliable for your journey.

E-Bike System Diagnostic Check

A full system check and diagnostics process, which enables any issues identified quickly so that they are not a cause for concern, and to ensure all E-Bike Software is running optimally.


Hibernation Preparation Service

All aspects of your bike checked, then using protective lubricants and waxes to ensure that your E-Bike does not deteriorate over a period of not being used. Also includes a battery hibernation preparation, includes a spring time recommissioning service.


Software/Firmware Update, E-Bike System Diagnostics and Battery Capacity Check

We check your electric bike to diagnose any issues with any aspect of the electronic system and connected hardware. Then we run the latest software/firmware updates for your E-Bike, followed by a battery capacity check, after we have completed all of these checks, we provide a report and give guidance on how you can maintain your battery and E-Bike system for continued reliability and optimise your battery capacity. We recommend this is done at least once a year to ensure your system is running the latest enhancements and updates. E-bike battery life and capacity can reduce over time. By performing this service you can be confident that you will get the best from your E-Bike.

From £59.20

E-Bike Repairs

Below are just some of the repairs we can carry out on your electric bike, we haven't listed every single repair, but you can be confident we will be able to complete any repair possible, please contact us if you have a specific requirement.

Suspension Overhaul

Suspension system strip and rebuild service, this is a complete overhaul, includes new seals and fork oil, recommended to maintain longevity to your suspension system.

From £107.90

Drive Train Check and Tune

A complete check and adjustment your gears, adjustment and lubrication, using E-Bike specific oil, to ensure a smooth and slick shifting drive train.


Accessory Fitting

We are able to fit a wide range of accessories such as mudguards, pannier racks, child seat, tow along buggies and a whole range of of parts to your bicycle.

From £14.80~

Wheel, Tyre and Tube repair and service

We offer a wide range of wheel service options, from bearing adjustments wheel building, tubeless tyre fitting, hub servicing and more

From £14.80~

Puncture Repair or Tyre Replacement

we can replace tyres and tubes, and install anti puncture protection.

From £14.80~

Cable Operated Brake Servicing and Repair

We can do everything from cable or pad replacement to a full overhaul of your brake system.

prices from £14.80~

Chain or cassette replacement

Replacement of chain or cassette.
From £14.80~

Tubeless Upgrade

Upgrade your wheels to tubeless for greater puncture protection. (includes Muc-Off tubeless kit , tape, valves and sealant).


We offer a range of transmission services from gear alignment to fitting components.

Our prices start from £14.80~

Hydraulic Brake Overhaul

Brakes and Wheels and tyres are the most important items as they give you confidence and control in all conditions, so it is important to maintain them to a high standard so yo can be confident of riding safely. We complete an oil change, seal and pad replacement if required and readjustment and calibration.

From £39.60

E-Bike Safety Check

Perfect if your E-Bike has been laid up after a period of time or if you are looking to purchase a used E-Bike and would like a pre-purchase appraisal.


Book a Service or Repair

*parts are not included, unless specified otherwise. (Muc-Off tubeless kit is included in the tubeless upgrade service retail price is £40).

~Please note that there is a minimum service/labour charge of £19.80. The service charge is not applicable for any repair above £19.80, if your repair is below this then you will only pay the service charge and not the repair cost, (for example; puncture repair @£11.80 (you pay the service charge instead, however if you are having a software update @£23.20, you would pay for the cost of that service.

(we will advise you if any parts or additional work is needed and provide you with a cost before going ahead)

Work outside my usual service coverage area may carry an additional fee.

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