Are you sitting comfortably?

So you’ve set out on the journey of riding your bike, or perhaps you want to get active or ride regularly, or perhaps you are thinking of riding further, but one of the things holding you back is (dis)comfort!

It is not uncommon that we can experience discomfort when riding, it may be that you have just started and things feel a little tender, which may lead you to question why?

Some of the most common reasons are:

  • The type of clothing worn
  • Your saddle
  • Your position
  • increasing distance or duration too quickly
  • injuries (current and historic)

So what can be done to eliminate the discomfort that you feel, so you can enjoy riding?

  • The right clothing can go a long way to help, wearing a pair of padded cycling shorts of which there is a wide range, including ones that you can wear under your regular clothing will go some way to help.
  • Frequently getting out of the saddle, after all it is a pressure point and your delicate parts will be grateful of the rest!
  • There are some great creams (sometimes referred to as ‘Chamois Creams’ which reduce the friction that a combination of movement, clothing and perspiration can create, as well as reducing the prospect of feeling sore.
  • A steady increase in the time spent riding. Frequency is more beneficial so if you are thinking of upping the time on the bike, build up gradually and your undercarriage will be grateful for it!

Most people don’t consider how much effect bike setup affects comfort on the bike. Getting your bike correctly sized and setup for your specific needs is critical to your enjoyment of riding a bike. With so many brands out there and so many different choices, it can feel like a bit of a minefield! However do not worry a good bike fit, some research, guidance and advice will enable you to find the perfect fit.

Here at Grand Tor Cycling we start with the basics around setup, which is focused on you, such as your measurements, the type of riding you do, frequency, distance and any goals you might have. From there we would progress onto the next step which involves seeing you on your current bike, and observing your current position. We then look at flexibility and adaptability, each of us responds differently to changes in position and setup on a bike so this element is a critical factor for you and us, it is important that we get this right, and this is where your interaction and feedback is key.

Visit the Bike Fitting section of my page to find out more information and how to book.

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