Why Support or use my local bike shop rather than shop online?

It’s a question that many of us ask regardless of the type of retail outlet we use, here I will give my reasons why it’s beneficial to support your local shop.

You get advice and guidance using a bike shop, their experience and skill will help you select the right product to meet your needs, they are unlikely to be driven by any other factor such as pressure to meet the demands of a brand or promote a product, they are likely to have fitted and used many of the products they stock, so you can be certain that they have tried and tested them and are unlikely to be biased. After all if a product doesn’t fit or perform as well as expected, they probably won’t stock it!

Most independent retailers operate their business because they are passionate about the products or service they offer, they have the seed of an idea, and exist to help you!

Obviously with the rise in online retail, it can be challenging for brick and mortar retailers to compete, they generally have larger costs compared to online such as taxes, operating costs, insurances, overheads, rates etc, the list goes on! So they adapt to survive, but the one area that is most challenging is price!

However price should not be your sole driver should it? After all if no shops existed and it all went online do you think the online retailers would continue to offer low prices?

At the end of the day your local shop has adapted to meet changes in customer behaviour, they usually give brilliant service, are friendly and generally give great advice. Yes, you may pay a little more to use your local shop, they need to earn a living like all of us, but you can be assured that you will get a great service, with a smile and generally nothing is too much trouble, they have taken the time to help and support you, they are supporting the local economy, so it makes sense to support them, doesn’t it?

One thought on “Why Support or use my local bike shop rather than shop online?

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  1. I completely agree with you. Although shop online is increasingly dominating the market, for bike purchases, I think the local store is still the best choice. Because of expertise, honesty, and experience. Moreover, I think Local bike shops are still at the core of the cycling community.


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